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Take a breath.

Does my phone plan change?

You can own a nice, new smartphone without getting ripped off by leasing programs and crazy expensive launch day prices. With a little patience, you can still find a good deal and a great smartphone that does everything you need it to do. Your money is just wrapped up in payments. And even when you do own it after 24 months, the process starts over again with a new phone and new lease. Talk about a vicious cycle! The first step to taking control of your money is learning how to budget. Click here for more information about budgeting.

There is no material connection between our companies. Apple did not sponsor or pay for any advertising and the statements made in the article do not constitute an endorsement of Apple's business, products or services by Ramsey Solutions. Pay off debt. Save money. Get started with our free 4-Day Jump Start. Sprint Phone Plan Buying Guide: What's Best for You?

While Sprint's trade-in deal seems tempting, it's worth noting that the carrier came in last out of the four major wireless providers on our 4G network showdown. The carrier has prioritized improving its network, rolling out carrier aggregation to different markets in its network, which should improve speeds. T-Mobile's Jump On Demand program lets you upgrade to a new phone three times a year, but it requires a down payment. Coming in second on our network performance test in major American cities and offering unlimited data plans, T-Mobile's 4G LTE footprint will serve data sharks well.

Its month Next plan and its month Next Every Year plan, which both allow you to upgrade your iPhone. With the Next plan, you can do so when 80 percent of the full retail price is paid off typically after about two years. You can also choose to put down 30 percent of the handset's full price up front for smaller subsequent payments each month.

This variety of options gives you the flexibility to choose between paying less each month or settling your debt more quickly. Verizon's device payment offer is the least fancy of the lot. Verizon Phone Plan Buying Guide. Those looking for high-speed and reliable 4G coverage should opt for Verizon. Big Red blazed into first place on our carrier speed tests with its zippy network and wide-ranging coverage.

When you go to Apple. You can find a cheaper option on nearly any other carrier, and won't be limited to just upgrading to iPhones in the future with the exception of Sprint. Overall, the best value is at T-Mobile, with its combo of low price, speedy network, flexibility and extra features, making it a good all-round deal. If you are signing up for your first iPhone Upgrade Program, you are no longer required to go to an Apple store.

But whether you'll be able to eventually renew it, or trade in your phone online, frankly, I have my doubts. I'm betting you're going to have to teleport your geeky ole butt right into your nearest store, stand in line, and question your will to live. As for whether you can trade in your phone online, that's very much in doubt. This is pretty much the same answer I gave about trading in on launch day. You have to pay the equivalent of at least 12 installment payments before you can upgrade.

Sprint’s No-Contract Plan iPhone Forever: Is It a Good Deal?

If you're asking if you can cut in line in front of the other supplicants, the answer is no. There is no guarantee of availability at the time you want to upgrade. In other words, there probably won't be any new iPhones for you in the first few weeks. Your time will come.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Plan: Is It a Good Deal?

I want to be the first on my block with a new iPhone. When do you suggest I start camping in front of my neighborhood Apple store? Apple doesn't guarantee anything about data protection, which is ironic given their big fuss about not decrypting the FBI iPhone from the San Bernardino terrorist incident. Basically, you should back up everything, delete everything, and then do a hard reset. I'll write more about this closer to the new iPhone launch. Seriously, though, you should probably use both. You can get enough iCloud storage to back up the largest capacity iPhone for about three bucks a month.

If you're not making cloud backups, don't wait until the last minute. It will take time for all those photos and videos to transfer to the cloud. How to set up two-factor authentication for iCloud TechRepublic. Even if you do have iCloud, you should probably and I'm so sorry I'm saying this make an iTunes backup before you leave for the store. I know it's painful to even think about iTunes. But having a separate local backup, as unreliable and forsaken by all that is holy that iTunes might be, is not a bad idea.

If you're working on a DIY project of your own, this comprehensive guide to tech projects is a good place to start.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program: The ultimate guide to everything you need to know

Apple, surprisingly, allows for this. You can return your new phone. The only gotcha is you will a not get your old phone back and b "owe the difference, if any, between the prevailing Reuse and Recycling Program value at the time of exercising the Upgrade Option on your original Financed iPhone that you traded-in, as determined solely by Apple or its Trade-In Service Provider, and the remaining balance of your original Installment Loan".

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In other words, think before pulling the trigger on a new iPhone. Oh, and definitely do it within the allowed-for 14 days or you might be scrod. Unlocked phones: Even though Apple claims some phones are unlocked, they may not be truly unlocked for the Apple Upgrade Program: You're going to have to declare a carrier and either move or create an account when you reach the Apple Store.

I would advise you to have an account and number set up before you arrive. Street address: Make sure your billing address is a street address. This is a ridiculous requirement, but if you're not visiting the Apple Store with my wife -- who can work miracles with banks -- you need to be prepared ahead of time. This goes both for your carrier's records as well as the billing address for your credit cards.

Bring lots of ID: Bring every piece of ID and credit card you have. Load on up. You might need it. Why Android's yearly OS updates are better for business. It's a loan: At least it's interest-free. Bring protection: Bring ear protection and hand wipes.

IPhone Forever Message

You'll also be touching floor model iPhones that have been touched by a thousand other people. Be nice: Be very, very nice to the Apple Store employees.

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